Kevin Morby Announces New Album, Shares The Elegiac Love Letter 'Come To Me Now' : All Songs Considered The singer's latest album is a love letter to cities and the diverse people who live there.

Kevin Morby Announces New Album, Shares The Elegiac Love Letter 'Come To Me Now'


Singer Kevin Morby is back with a followup to last year's much beloved full-length Singing Saw. The new album is called City Music and is due out June 16 on Dead Oceans. Morby has also shared the record's first single and lyric video, the moody and transfixing "Come To Me Now."

"Ain't got no friend in a world so big," Morby sings to a montage of archival video footage taken from various press conferences, court hearings and cityscapes. "Ain't got no family, ain't got no kin. Where do you go boy when you die? Is it pretty and slow?"

Morby says the appropriately titled City Music was inspired by urban landscapes and the richly diverse people who live there. "It is a mix-tape, a fever dream, a love letter dedicated to those cities that I cannot get rid of," Morby said in a prepared statement. "To those cities that are all inside of me."

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"Come To Me Now" opens with what Morby says is a pump organ from the 1800s, which was just sitting in the studio he used. "For the first few days I think I thought it was just there for looks, that there was no way it still worked, but sure enough it did," he says. "This was my favorite part of recording this album, playing this thing and pumping air into it with the foot pedals, it had such a presence from the moment I entered the studio."

Here's the complete track listing for City Music:

"Come To Me Now"
"Aboard My Train"
"Dry Your Eyes"
"City Music"
"Tin Can"
"Caught In My Eye"
"Night Time"
"Pearly Gates"
"Downtown's Lights"