New Mix: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chad VanGaalen, Lean Year, More : All Songs Considered This week's mix of essential new songs includes an ear worm from actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, multiple new discoveries, including the rock band Blis., the remarkable M.R. Bennett and more.

New Mix: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chad VanGaalen, Lean Year, More

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: The audio on this page contains profanity

New Mix: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chad VanGaalen, Lean Year, More

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Courtesy of the artists

Actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg has a long history of making provocative art that stretches back to her teen years, when she recorded the 1984 song "Lemon Incest" with her father, the French pop singer Serge Gainsbourg. Over the past four decades she's starred in the films Nymphomaniac and The Antichrist (among many others) and released several albums of foreboding pop. Her latest full-length, and first in six years, is called REST. On this week's show we feature the cut "Deadly Valentine," a love song that fixates on the fact that all stories ultimately end in death.

We've also got a bunch of great new discoveries this week, including a remarkable singer that goes by the name M.R. Bennett; the Atlanta, Ga. rock group Blis. (the period is intentional there); and the Icelandic artist Högni, an avant-garde composer who's written a new album inspired by two historic steam engines in Reykjavík, with chugging rhythms and metallic soundscapes.

All of that, plus the arresting sounds of Canadian pop artist Chad VanGaalen; gorgeous, cinematic sounds from the Richmond, VA duo Lean Year; and our resident Viking, Lars Gotrich joins us to share the music of violinist Laura Cannell.

New Mix: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chad VanGaalen, Lean Year, More

Cover for Light Information

New Mix: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chad VanGaalen, Lean Year, More

Static Shape

  • from Light Information
  • by Chad VanGaalen

Polymath Chad VanGaalen is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, illustrator and animator from Alberta, Canada who makes arresting pop and rock songs filled with sonic curiosities. His six full-length, Light Information, is out now on Sub Pop.

Cover for In Light


  • from In Light
  • by M.R.Bennett

Birmingham, England based singer-songwriter and longtime ASC listener M.R.Bennett just independently released his debut project, In Light, on Bandcamp. The remorseful yet ascending track "Sorry" showcases his voice at its most angelic.

Cover for No One Loves You

05Old Man

Old Man

  • from No One Loves You
  • by blis.

Blis., one of host Robin Hilton's favorite new discoveries, is a group based out of Atlanta, GA. The band's upcoming debut full-length, No One Loves You, is an ambitious rock record about love, religion, and surviving life's most painful hardships. It's out Oct. 6 on Sargent House Records.

Cover for Two Trains



  • from Two Trains
  • by Högni

Icelandic artist Högni's forthcoming album Two Trains is a sonic interpretation of two locomotives that carried gravel to form the Reykjavik harbor a century ago. "Crash" is exemplary of his unique, undulating electronic sound.

Cover for REST

Deadly Valentine

  • from Rest
  • by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Like her singer/actor parents Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg is an artist known for making provocative films and moody pop that examine the darkest parts of humanity. Her latest album, REST, is due out Nov. 17 on Atlantic Records.

Cover for Hunter Huntress Hawker



  • from Hunter Huntress Hawker
  • by Laura Cannell

Laura Cannell is a violinist who mixes experimental drones with gorgeous melodies. Hunter Huntress Hawker, her largely improvisational fourth full-length album, was recorded in a dilapidated church on the edges of a cliff on the Suffolk Coast in England. It's out Oct. 20 on Brawl Records.

Cover for Lean Year

01Come and See

Come and See

  • from Lean Year
  • by Lean Year

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: This song contains profanity.

Lean Year is a duo from Richmond, VA featuring the music of singer Emilie Rex and filmmaker/musician Rick Alverson. Together they make a kind of ethereal folk with delicate harmonies and memorable melodies. Their self-titled debut is due out Oct. 20 on Western Vinyl.