New Mix: Childish Gambino, Mike Lindsay And Laura Marling As LUMP, More : All Songs Considered This week's essential new music from All Songs Considered includes pure joy from Ages And Ages, Australian looper and beat maker Alice Ivy, and a look at Childish Gambino's "This Is America."

New Mix: Childish Gambino, Mike Lindsay And Laura Marling As LUMP, More

Clockwise from upper left: Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of LUMP, Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, Childish Gambino, Ages And Ages Courtesy of the artists hide caption

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Courtesy of the artists

In the days since Chidlish Gambino debuted a new song on Saturday Night Live – as well as a shocking video online – fans and music critics have been trying to unspool what it all means. On this week's show, NPR Music's Rodney Carmichael joins us to try to make sense of "This Is America" and to explain why people will be dissecting both the song and video for months.

Also on the program: Pure pop joy from the Portland, Ore., band Ages And Ages; the guitar-and-pop bedroom project of Brooklyn-based artist pronoun; and Car Seat Headrest gives guitar rock a jolt of new life on the song "My Boy (Twin Fantasy)."

All that plus the soaring, multi-layered anthems of Cautious Clay; dance-pop looper and beat-maker Alice Ivy; and a new collaboration between Mike Lindsay of the band Tunng and singer Laura Marling that they call LUMP.

Artists And Albums Featured On This Episode

Cover for Needle And Thread (Single)

01Needle And Thread

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Ages And Ages

  • Song: Needle And Thread

Ages And Ages frontman Tim Perry says he wrote this bouncy pop romp when he began to question which was better: Life in a bubble or life tethered to a 24-hour news cycle with soul-crushing headlines. "I see our current polarized socio/political/cultural environment as one continuous, tattered and crusty piece of fabric - and here I am with my needle and thread, not so sure how or even if I want to weave myself into it all."

Wrong cover art
Courtesy of the artist


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  • Song: Wrong

pronoun is otherwise known as Alyse Vellturo, a Brooklyn-based artist who says she chose the name to reflect her need to work alone. "This music is so personal to me," she said when announcing her most recent EP, Rhyme & Reason. "And it's kind of hard to do that with other people." She adds that "pronoun is almost like another persona, someone that says things in a way I never would." "Wrong" is one of several one-off singles pronoun is releasing ahead of an imminent new album.

Cover for Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest

  • Song: My Boy (Twin Fantasy)

Earlier this year Car Seat Headrest released a completely re-imagined version of his 2011 album, Twin Fantasy. The newly retooled album — made on a bigger budget with a full band — was a way to revisit his teenaged self, look at the songs he wrote in his youth, and to consider how his perspectives have changed over time.

Cover for This Is America (Single)

Childish Gambino

  • Song: This Is America

Childish Gambino, the musical alter ego of actor and writer Donald Glover, gave an emotional performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, debuting his new song "This Is America." He also released a shocking and brilliantly produced video for the song that's left fans and music critics scratching their heads for days.

Note: This is Childish Gambino's performance on Saturday Night Live. See the official video for "This Is America" here.

Cover for Blood Type

Cautious Clay

  • Song: Silos

Cautious Clay is the musical project of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Josh Karpeh. All Songs Considered's Bob Boilen says he was blown away by all the love in the room when he caught a recent live performance by Cautious Clay, whose songs are a sometimes soaring, sometimes intimate mix of soulful singing and electronics.

Cover for I'm Dreaming

Alice Ivy

  • Song: Chasing Stars (feat. Bertie Blackman)

Australian electronic artist Alice Ivy says the music came first when she wrote this song, and the meaning came later when she brought in her good friend and fellow Australian singer Bertie Blackman, who said it reminded her of flying. When they were done they had a meditative remembrance of pilot Lincoln Beachey, an early pioneer of airplane aerobatics.

Cover for LUMP

01Late To The Flight

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  • Song: Late To The Flight

LUMP is the collaboration between singer Mike Lindsay of the band Tunng and Laura Marling. Lindsay says he met Marling at a bowling alley where he asked if she'd be up for working together. Three days later, they were in the studio. "There was no chat about themes or direction," he says. "In fact we didn't really talk about anything throughout making this entire album. Just pure sound, in to the brain and out onto the page." LUMP's self-titled album is out June 1 on Dead Oceans.