One Song Considered: Julia Jacklin's 'Body' : All Songs Considered On her new single, the Australian singer-songwriter reminds us that acquiescence doesn't equate to apathy.

One Song Considered: Julia Jacklin's 'Body'


The softest kittens often have the sharpest claws — such is the case with Julia Jacklin. The Australian singer-songwriter has a knack for packing an emotional punch with her deceptively fragile sound, exhibited on Jacklin's 2016 debut Don't Let the Kids Win. While a follow-up release has yet to be announced, it seems that something is on the horizon, as seen in the release of a new video, "Body."

The song's visual treatment — directed by Jacklin's high school friend Nick McKinlay, who also shot the videos for "Don't Let the Kids Win" and "Coming of Age" — places the viewer in the passenger seat of Jacklin's scenic drive through the New South Wales countryside.

"Nick and I drove out to the Hay Plain, which is one of my favourite parts of Australia, and filmed this clip," Jacklin tells NPR Music. "We spent about 14 hours in the car, jumping out when something looked beautiful. Whenever I listened to this song, I knew the clip had to be a driving one, destination unknown."

"Body" is equal parts rugged and elegant, mirrored by Jacklin wearing a formal dress against the backdrop of the austere landscape in the video. The track evokes an overwhelming feeling of defeat, as Jacklin repeats the phrase, "Well I guess it's just my life / And it's just my body."

"The song speaks for itself, but I'd say it's just a very long and exaggerated sigh," Jacklin says, "Born from feelings of powerlessness when it comes to the impossible task of representing yourself the way you think is right, personally and professionally; when you feel like everything is for the taking, no matter what you do."

Despite this sentiment of fatigue, "Body" marks an exciting return for the musician, and positions our eyes on the road to Jacklin's next release.