Hatchie's 'Without A Blush' Is Distilled And Delicious Dream-Pop : All Songs Considered The new single from Australian songwriter Hatchie — the first from her debut album Keepsake — sounds like '90s nostalgia with an edge.

Hatchie's 'Without A Blush' Is Distilled And Delicious Dream-Pop


Last spring, Australian songwriter Harriette Pilbeam sprinkled some Sugar & Spice on listeners with a debut EP of gorgeous, fuzz-drenched dream-pop. Recording under the moniker Hatchie, Pilbeam makes her '90s influences (The Cranberries and Cocteau Twins, to name two) evident throughout the collection of tracks.

"Without A Blush," the lead single from her forthcoming debut album Keepsake, is a sweeping breakup ballad that captures the most nostalgic parts of a relationship's end. "If I could kiss you one more time / Would it make everything alright? / Or would it just make me a liar?" Pilbeam sings.

The Joe Agius-directed video is a mesmerizing montage: A cavernous warehouse is warmed by glowing candlelight and red roses, but most of all, by Pillbeam's soaring anthem.

Keepsake is out June 21 on Double Double Whammy.