Lana Del Rey, Sheryl Crow Lead Our List Of Today's Top 7 New Albums : All Songs Considered Our shortlist for the week's best new albums includes Lana Del Rey's odyssey-length adventure Norman F****** Rockwell, Sheryl Crow's final album, Threads, new Black Belt Eagle Scout and more.

New Music Friday: Our Top 7 Albums Out Aug. 30

New Music Friday: Our Top 7 Albums Out Aug. 30

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Lana Del Rey. Her latest release, Norman F****** Rockwell, is on our shortlist for the best new albums out on Aug. 30. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Courtesy of the artist

After trickling out singles for more than a year, singer Lana Del Rey has finally dropped her sixth full-length studio album with the oddly comical title, Norman F****** Rockwell. On this week's New Music Friday, we dig into this expansive mix of slow-burning ballads and sometimes strange but profound, odyssey-length adventures.

Also, on the show: The artist known as Boy Scouts releases an album of love and empathy for her Anti Records debut; Black Belt Eagle Scout celebrates the power of friendship on a full-length that comes less than a year after her previous album; and The Boston emo band Somos has a new album just weeks after the band's guitarist, Phil Haggerty, tragically passed away at the age of 28. All those, plus Sheryl Crow's features-heavy (and reportedly final) album, the Australian singer G Flip and more. NPR Music's Lars Gotrich, Marissa Lorusso and Stephen Thompson join host Robin Hilton to share their picks for the best new albums out Aug. 30.

Featured Albums:

  1. G Flip - About Us
    Featured Song: "Drink Too Much"
  2. Boy Scouts - Free Company
    Featured Song: "Expiration Date"
  3. Black Belt Eagle Scout - At The Party With My Brown Friends
    Featured Song: "I Said I Wouldn't Write This Song"
  4. Lana Del Rey - Norman F****** Rockwell
    Featured Songs: "Happiness Is A Butterfly" and "Cinnamon Girl"
  5. Close Talker - How Do We Stay Here
    Featured Song: "Wait"
  6. Somos - Prison On A Hill
    Featured Song: "Absent And Lost"
  7. Sheryl Crow: Threads
    Featured Song: "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You"

Other Notable Releases For Aug. 30: Bon Iver - i.i (physical release); Common - Let Love; The Futureheads - Powers; Joan Shelley - Like The River Loves The Sea; Pharmakon - Devour; Tool - Fear Inoculum; Trisha Yearwood - Every Girl; Whitney - Forever Turned Around.