Can The iPhone Really Be My New Best Friend? : All Tech Considered Can the iPhone change someone's life, or is it just another cool gadget that won't really make things better?
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Can The iPhone Really Be My New Best Friend?

Once upon a time I didn't put too much thought in to what mobile phone I was using. I had a preference for Nokias. But I've happily used a variety of phones and providers over the years. They all did roughly the same thing. My current phone is something called the "Alias" from Samsung, though some know it by the charming moniker "SCH-u740." I picked it mainly because it's a flip phone with a two-way hinge that I thought would entertain my young son. Mission accomplished!

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Courtesy of Apple

But now I want an iPhone. I feel like I need an iPhone. All of my friends have iPhones (almost). But I'm holding out because I also read tech-news rumor sites like AppleInsider. Here's what they're saying:

--The successor to the current iPhone 3G is likely to appear in the second week of June at Apple's World Wide Developers conference, according to The Boy Genius Report and just about every other site that purports to know something about Apple's plans.

--The next version of Apple's iPhone software, version 3.0, is supposed to release in the summer, too; engadget is one of the many sites tracking every nuance of the coming upgrade, which will finally include the long-awaited ability to cut and paste!

So I'm waiting. I waited for my current phone contract to end so that I could switch to the iPhone without a penalty. Now I'm waiting some more for the new, faster, cooler Apple hardware to arrive.

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But it's not what news and rumor sites are saying about how awesome the latest version of the device is that has me counting the days until I can make the switch to the iPhone.

More than one colleague has told me that the iPhone has changed their lives with its ease of use and utility. One even said it was on her list of things to save in the event of a fire: iPhone, daughter, dog and Macbook. (Two Apple products? Hmmmm....)

Well, as much as I want one, I'm a little skeptical. It's just a gadget. Surely it will disappoint. The Apple hype machine must have oversold it; that's their job. The iPhone's just code, chips and a (cool looking) case. It's not going to be my new best friend. But, then again, my colleagues wouldn't lie to me, right? It's going to change my life, right? I'll let you know how it turns out.