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Many Thanks

In the last several months I've sent out a lot of baby presents. In return, I got four different kinds of thank-yous.

1) Handwritten card in the mail
2) Spontaneous phone call
3) Email to my work account
4) Facebook message

My mother would only find one of these acceptable.

I accepted all of them, but I reacted to them very differently. The handwritten card was from a very close friend and I liked the intimacy of the familiar handwriting. The phone call was a lovely surprise. The new father was someone I don't know well and it made me feel good to hear in his voice that he was genuinely touched. The email was long and had detail you just could not work onto a small handwritten card.

When I told other people about the Facebook thank-you, some of them were taken aback. It just didn't seem polite to them. I'm not so sure. Facebook is overflowing with babies. Facebook is the number one way I see baby pictures right now. Babies aren't formal like a notecard, articulate like a phone call, detailed like an email. I love looking at my friends' babies on Facebook. And I'm just happy I got thanked at all.