The How And Why Of How-To Sites : All Tech Considered How-to Web sites, especially those with plenty of video content, are growing quickly.
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The How And Why Of How-To Sites

How-to videos like this one from Demand Media-owned Expert Village are part of a growth-spurt in how-to content online.

As I was reporting a recent story about how-to Web sites, some based in Austin, I was surprised by the explosive growth in that segment of Internet content. It's no surprise that online video is a growth area right now as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and mobile phones are increasingly capable of pulling video from online services, but it's interesting what people are using it for.

Got a leaky faucet you need to fix? There's a video to show you how. Need to tie a tie? Press play. Want to know how to build an empire of how-to Web sites, one of which ranks among the top 50 sites in the U.S. in traffic? For that you'd want to ask Demand Media, which owns eHow and Expert Village, two of the more popular how-to Web sites. eHow alone was ranked higher than, according to the most recent Comscore rankings.