You Need Better p@s5W0rD$! : All Tech Considered Nobody likes remembering convoluted user names and passwords, but the more we collect, the more we need a system for dealing with them.

You Need Better p@s5W0rD$!

The Logio Secure Password Organizer is one way to keep track of user names and passwords. Atek, Inc. hide caption

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Atek, Inc.

The sometimes confusing (and forgetful) way we deal with passwords is the subject of today's All Tech Considered segment. Most people have to keep track of five to seven sets of names and passwords for Web sites and other computer activity, but if you spend a lot of online time like we do, it's more like 20 or 30.

Experts say a good password is at least eight characters (14 or 15 is much better) and consists of a combination of letters (lower and upper-case), symbols and numbers.

Here are a few tools and tips for dealing with passwords:

How do you remember your passwords? Got a mnemonic system? Share them with us in the comments.