Flexible Displays: Sooner Than You Think? : All Tech Considered Flexible displays may be here sooner than we thought: mass production of screens for e-ink newspapers and mobile phones has already begun.
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Flexible Displays: Sooner Than You Think?

E Ink Corp. showed off a flexible e-book display a few weeks ago at the Society for Information Display conference in San Antonio. Omar L. Gallaga hide caption

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Omar L. Gallaga

A few weeks ago, I raved about some of the cool display technology I got to see at a conference in San Antonio. When people asked me when we'd start seeing some of these technologies, like flexible e-ink displays, roll out to products we could buy, I was thinking two to five years in the future.

Turns out we might see them much sooner. According to a report from Displaybank, an industry research firm, LG Display is already mass-manufacturing such displays and others are ramping up production later this year or the first half of next year.

Encouraging! What does it mean for us consumers (and those of us biting off our fingernails in the newspaper industry)?

The flexible display market expects applications in concepts of e-newspaper, e-magazine, and e-book to replace newspapers, magazines, and books, focus firstly in the e-paper display. In addition, the market expects various applications not only as bulletin board-use displays such as interior/exterior-use advertisement boards, but also as a mobile communication device.

So start practicing bending screens! (Warning: do not attempt on current, non-flexible screens.)

NOTE: This post was originally published June 19th.