The Golden Age Of Browsers: New Firefox Released : All Tech Considered Firefox 3.5 catches up with rivals Chrome and Safari in speed tests, while extending its support for Web standards and offering a host of enhancements for users.

The Golden Age Of Browsers: New Firefox Released

Firefox 3.5 logo.

It seems that we've entered a golden age for the world of Web browsers. The latest evidence for this new era is the renewal of Firefox with the release of version 3.5. Mozilla has increased the browser's speed, added new features and included support for HTML 5 video. Early reviews suggest that it's a fitting riposte to the recent advances made by Google's Chrome browser, Apple's Safari, Opera 10 beta and, yes, even Internet Explorer 8.

Harry McCracken's review on Technologizer declares that, overall, FF 3.5 is the best of the bunch for most users:

In other words, the browser sports no knockout new features. But the moves Mozilla has made are smart, and they're more than enough for Firefox to keep pace with its fast-evolving rivals.

Ars Technica offers its own detailed take on the latest evolution of Firefox, concluding that it's further proof of an increasingly sophisticated and open movement toward the Web as a platform:

In general, this is a great time for the Web. The browser market is becoming increasingly vibrant and enjoying real competition and progress as the growing demand for more powerful Web applications drives the adoption of emerging standards.