The Future Of Displays On Display : All Tech Considered The future of displays was on display in San Antonio this week at the Society for Information Display conference featuring flexible screens, color e-ink and very flat TVs.
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The Future Of Displays On Display

E Ink Corp. showed off a flexible e-book display, just one of the innovations at the Society for Information Display conference in San Antonio this week. Omar L. Gallaga hide caption

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Omar L. Gallaga

Many companies who'll be involved in the future of the screens you'll be spending time staring at gathered this week in San Antonio for Display Week 2009, a conference put on by the Society for Information Display.

Giants like Samsung, LG Electonics and 3M were among the companies showing about 6,000 attendees their wares. Not surprisingly, millimeters-thin flat screens in large sizes were hot, whether they were LCDs, sets that use LED technology or the nascent OLED format, which offers incredibly rich colors, but so far has only been available in smaller sizes with a very high pricetag.

What else was hot? Sets that use much less power than traditional flat screens. Flexible displays that may end up being part of foldable cell phone screens, e-book "Paper" or even screens so thin they flutter in the wind (as one mind-blowing small screen in the Samsung booth showed). 3-D screens, some without the need for glasses, continue to creep toward our living rooms. I was also impressed by the PicoP projector, a cell-phone sized accessory that uses lasers to project an image that requires no focusing. It should be out this summer.

You can read my full wrap-up over on Digital Savant where I also have posted quite a few photos. I have a video on the way that I plan to edit soon and I'll share that here later this week.