News Coverage Suggestions From Our Tweeps: Add Yours : All Tech Considered A handful of our 500 followers responded with subject areas they'd like to see "All Tech Considered" explore.
NPR logo News Coverage Suggestions From Our Tweeps: Add Yours

News Coverage Suggestions From Our Tweeps: Add Yours

In response to a tweet I sent out the other day, a handful of our 500 followers offered ideas on what All Tech Considered should cover.

@unteer, who describes himself as a "Peace Corps Volunteer working with computers" in Mombassa, Kenya, asks that we "cover the battle of the smartphones" and "the politics of The Cloud."

I think you'll see more about smartphones in the coming months. I've just purchased my own iPhone 3G S and can't say enough good things about it. I'll write about it soon. I'm also about to review the Nokia N86. And the Blackberry Tour is en route to our offices, so look for something on that device, too.

That said, we're new at this and are feeling our way forward on the gadget front and are not sure how deeply we'll delve into testing devices.

The politics of the "The Cloud" are certainly of interest to everyone with the Google Chrome OS announcement, and the following announcement of online MS-Office products. We'll definitely keep an eye on that space, as they say.

@adamgtwork says he wants to "to hear about next gen infrastructure development - Energy, transport, communication."

Well, we'll certainly try to touch on developments in communication technologies, like the competition between WiMax and LTE in the wireless market. And I feel certain that our Monday radio segments on All Things Considered will speak to energy technology as it applies to both cars (battery tech) and home users (monitoring and conservation). So be sure to listen and/or keep an eye on our list of radio stories (see the sidebar at right).

@ninjaclectic has a range of esoteric interests he'd like us to keep tabs on. They run from "cyborg insects" to "augmented reality" and the future of TV. (I love antiquated terms like "TV.")

I think we're more likely to address the latter on this blog. But I also have to confess that robots are one of my favorite neuroses when I'm off the clock. So, maybe I'll throw in a post from time to time.

It wasn't in direct response to my tweet-out for coverage ideas, but @yargnad suggested that I check out the "Windows 7 Touch Pack." I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing that. But I feel certain we'll be covering gestural interfaces. Just a few weeks with the iPhone has convinced me that this mode of interacting with data is a big step forward.

Other things you should be on the lookout for from us:

  • Netbooks: Everyone is talk about them, and we will too
  • Browsers: What's the future for our primary Web interface?
  • The Social Web: We're always talking about the two-way Web here
  • Games: Omar won't let us forget that computers can be fun, too

You can always contribute ideas and stories via comments on this blog, tweets, our Flickr group and e-mail. We want to hear from you and see what you're seeing as the electronic and "real" worlds collide.