Woot Weathers The Twitter Outage : All Tech Considered Woot.com tells us what they did during a denial-of-service Twitter outage that shut out users Thursday morning.
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Woot Weathers The Twitter Outage

You couldn't even post about wanting to get a burrito while Twitter was out of commission on Thursday, says Woot.com. Clipart.com hide caption

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A denial-of-service attack hit Twitter and Facebook Thursday morning, causing frequent status updaters and Twitterers to keep it to themselves for a while.

While most people just grumbled about it and went to check if MySpace still exists, the creative folks at Internet fire-sale emporium Woot.com shared on their site the ways they were killing time while Twitter was down. Among the gems were, "Yelling I'M THINKING ABOUT GETTING A BURRITO as loudly as we can," and "Going to the bathroom without telling anyone."

Did the Great Thursday Morning Twitter and Facebook Outage of Mid-'09 affect you personally? I wonder sometimes if we'll one day see a baby boom caused not by power outages or natural disasters but by social networking downtime. Guess we'll find out in about nine months.