Foursquare Stalqers : All Tech Considered Location based social networking may very well be the next big thing. But there's still something freaky about it.

Foursquare Stalqers

I was at happy hour the other night and the guy sitting next to me at the bar asked me if I knew what "foursquare" was and then proceeded to tell me he was the mayor of many local establishments.

(I'm sorry, I don't understand.)

Then he went on to say that every time you hit up a bar, restaurant, clothing store — you go to this Web site or use your phone app to "check in." If you've checked in more than other people, you become the "mayor" and may get a discount. You can also tell the app where you are and then your friends can find you.

NPR's social media guru, frequent All Tech blogger, and the "mayor" of NPR on foursquare, Andy Carvin — calls it location based social networking. The New York Times say it's, "a combination of friend-finder, city guide and competitive bar game." And the guy sitting next to me at the bar the other night claimed, "it's the next big thing in social media."

Not so fast foursquare! Today, TechCrunch called out another — brand new — location based social media app called, Stalqer. Upside, you don't have to "check-in." Downside, it knows where you are ... without you telling it where you are.

I have enough trouble keeping up with my Twitter feed and if I really want to hang out with my friends, I'll call them and tell them where to meet me. Besides, I'm a woman who cherishes her freedom. I just can't imagine enjoying clocking in and out of the bars and restaurants I frequent. And I certainly don't want an online app tracking my every move. Foursquare can stay on the elementary school blacktop and Stalqer ... really ... the name says it all.