More Analysis On The iPad, Plus Reader Dissent : All Tech Considered Some argue that the iPad isn't made to compete with other devices.

More Analysis On The iPad, Plus Reader Dissent

One thing that is admittedly missing from my assessment of the iPad yesterday is that this device may not need to replace anything else, that it may be in a league of its own.

As Walt Mossberg put it: "The software looked impressive, and that could help Steve Jobs do the one thing even he has never done in an amazing career: get the public to love not just a better version of an existing type of gadget, but a whole new category of gadget."

In response to my piece, a reader expounds quite eloquently on this line of thought:

Most of the points made in the article have some validity. However, as with many new device introductions, the broader population will adopt it if there is a compelling reason. That reason is rarely to compete with the general status quo.
Integrated circuits were not adopted first to replace the vacuum tube in audio electronics... it made its inroads via hearing aids. Audio quality was less relevant than size to those with hearing problems.
Laptops were not made to replace desktops and iPods were not made to replace laptops. However, the iPhone may replace them both for a majority of users. As usage patterns change and features increase, we reevaluate what and how we really use our devices and what [we can] do without when we are mobile.
For a few, maybe an iPhone-type device will be sufficient. For some, perhaps an iPhone and iPad, but no laptop. For others, maybe an inexpensive cell phone an iPad is all they need.
We have all the computer power we need at the office, but we very rarely need it when we are on the road. To be mobile with just two pounds worth of gear would be heaven.