Nexus One Woes And A Few More Things From Apple? : All Tech Considered On this week's All Tech Considered, we discuss Apple's rumored tablet computer, other surprises the company might have on Wednesday and problems that have plagued Google's Nexus One phone.
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Nexus One Woes And A Few More Things From Apple?

In this week's All Tech Considered, Laura Sydell talks about the announcement the entire tech industry expects Apple will make on Wednesday: the introduction of a tablet computing device.

In the segment, we discuss a few more things Apple may have up its sleeve for its event in San Francisco. According to the rumor mill (and speculation from several tech blogs), Apple could introduce a new version of the iPhone (probably out in the summer), perhaps on a wireless carrier that's not AT&T. Other rumors include new MacBook Pro laptops with a faster line of Intel processors and a new version of iLife. Hey, Apple, how about a major Apple TV update?

In the piece we also discuss some of the problems Google has had launching its so-called "Super phone," the Nexus One. Those issues have included customer support problems, reported 3G wireless issues on T-Mobile's network, touchscreen calibration problems and double termination fees for those who break their T-Mobile contract.

The good news is that these problems might only be affecting a small number of users: according to reports, Google only sold 20,000 phones the first week the Nexus One was available, far fewer than the debuts of the Motorola Droid, the iPhone 3GS or the Palm Pre.