Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook And The Social-Media-Feedback Loop : All Tech Considered What do you do when your tangle of social-media accounts start posting to each other in unexpected ways?
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Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook And The Social-Media-Feedback Loop

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Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images

Too many reflections?

Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images

I've got a cross-posting problem that just went public yesterday. I posted a photo to my Tumblr blog, which then pinged the post out to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. That was all good until my Twitter account pinged the same information to my Facebook account.

Now, I was spamming my Facebook feed with double posts of the same material. No one's going to like that (assuming anyone of my "friends" is actually paying attention).

How to untangle this knot?

I want my Tumblr posts to go to Twitter. And the Twitter posts do go to Facebook. So I could cut the Tumblr-to-Facebook link and let Twitter do the posting to Facebook.

But it's not that easy! The post that twitter sends to Facebook is just some text and a link, like so:

Wright Bryan Photo: Approaching the Capitol from the east. http://tumblr.com/xun5hwlb9
8 hours ago via Twitter - Comment - Like

When Tumblr sends my post to Facebook, the photo I'm posting actually appears on the Facebook page. It's a much better experience. So I should cut the Twitter-to-Facebook link, right?

How can I? I've been using Twitter as my main update mechanism on Facebook, and I like it that way. I'm glad to add the Tumblr dimension. But I don't want to lose the Twitter connection.

What to do? I know there must be some simple solution out there. But, even if there is, I really don't want to add another service to my life.

So, I'm going to cut the link between my Tumblr and Facebook accounts. I've decided. That's it. But, really, if I do that and I start posting more than just photos with one-line descriptions to Tumblr, I'll be shorting people looking for my stuff on Facebook. So, maybe I'll just break the Twitter to Facebook link after all and post to both of them from Tumblr.

That makes sense, right? What would you do? Have you run into this problem, too? Give it to me straight; I can take it!