What Google Buzz Needs: Universal Commenting : All Tech Considered Google Buzz needs one killer feature: universal commenting.
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What Google Buzz Needs: Universal Commenting

Those of us who use Gmail have had more than a week to play around with Google's new social working hive full of hornets, Google Buzz. There are some things I really like about it (at launch it already had a large installed user base) and things I really don't (ack, get out of my inbox, Buzz messages!), but of this I'm certain: it needs universal commenting across social networks.

What does that mean? Let's take my account. I have Google Buzz connected to social networks and Web services including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and YouTube. Many of the people who appear in Buzz are people I already follow on Twitter, have friended on Facebook and engage with on those other social media sites.

Frequently, I'll see the same post two or three times from the same person. That's an inconvenience I'm willing to put up with — it happened when I used to use the very similar FriendFeed — but what would make my life much easier was if I could post a comment in Google Buzz about an item and have that comment appear in all those other places. If a friend posts an interesting Tweet, I'd respond to it in Buzz and that comment would appear as an @reply on Twitter, as a comment on the item on their Facebook page and a comment on Google Reader/Facebook/Flickr if that's where the content came from.

I post once, it appears in all those places (assuming that person's settings allows for this). As it stands now, if I post a comment on Buzz, I can only be assured that the person who posted it and a few other people on Buzz will see it. If I want people on those other sites to see the comment, I'd need to post separately to all those sites. I really don't like the fragmentary nature of posting a comment on Buzz right now.

Google launched a project like this (not specifically tied to social networking) called Sidewiki, but that has an even smaller audience than Buzz.

So come on, Google. Stop making me work so hard to comment on the Web. Make it happen.