An Internet Coup D'Ta-tas : All Tech Considered Blogger, Jen McCreight started a boobulution or coup d' tatas, with her post calling out an Iranian religious official for saying that women who dress immodestly could cause an earthquake. Feminists are not amused.
NPR logo An Internet Coup D'Ta-tas

An Internet Coup D'Ta-tas

An Iranian religious official blames women who dress immodestly for causing earthquakes.  "Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," said Tehran's Friday prayer leader Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi last week.

For the record -- I am not shocked that an Iranian cleric is using unscientific nonsense to keep women in their chadors.  What I am surprised by is how one undergrad from Purdue University has sparked an internet coup d' tatas in response to Sedighi's theory. 

Jen McCreight is the young woman, blogger, atheist, Genetics and Evolution double major at Purdue who challenged her readers to test Sedighi's claim.  She proposed on her blog Blag Hag that on Monday, April 26 women let loose to see if a 'Boobquake', actually occurs. 

Here's McCreight's 'Boobquake' outfit:

McCreight has been getting a lot of media attention since her April 19th post, as well as criticism from feminists who don't think whipping out your D-cups is a good protest tactic.

There's a counter campaign on Facebook and Twitter called 'Brainquake', encouraging women to expose their smarts and not their mammory glands.  'Brainquake' was started by two Iranian women -- Negar Mottahedeh and Golbarg Bashi -- who write:

Let’s create a “Brainquake” and show off our resumes, CVs, honors, prizes, accomplishments (photo evidence) because the Hojatoleslam and the Islamic Republic of Iran are afraid of women’s abilities to push for change, to thrive despite gender apartheid (Did you know that over 64% of students studying at universities in Iran are women?) Let’s honor the accomplishments of Iranian women by showing off our abilities, our creativity, our ingenuity, and our smarts on our blogs, on Wikipedia, on Twitter, on Youtube, on Flickr and all over Facebook. Remember to use hashtag #brainquake on Twitter.

But, we all know how the internet works and breasts will go viral much faster than brains.  McCreight's 'Boobquake' Facebook event has more than 64,000 possible attendees, 'Brainquake' a little more than 200 as of 12:30 PM ET.