The Floppy Disk Is Dead? Not If Google Has Its Way : All Tech Considered It seems, the last time you are going to use a floppy disk is when you save in the cloud.
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Brendan Hunter/iStockPhoto

Floppy disk? No, thanks.

Brendan Hunter/iStockPhoto

When you are typing in Google Docs and you want to save, you use a floppy disk. I am not making this up. 

I am a big fan of keyboard commands, so when I save I like to use ctrl-S. I have no idea why, when I was saving something in Google Docs not too long ago, I grabbed the mouse and headed for the tool bar, where I discovered the icon for saving is ... a floppy disk. 

This is Google Docs, where you are storing your data in the vague, vapory cloud. The whole point of Google Docs is that you don't have to have your hard drive, memory stick, CD-ROM or any other physical medium to save and access your data. The act of saving on Google Docs is supposed to be an act of freeing yourself from the tyranny of objects and location. So what does Google use to symbolize this moment of data transcendence? A floppy disk.

This morning, my All Tech colleague, Eyder, sent me the link to a story about Sony deciding to stop making floppy disks. My first reaction was, "They still make floppys?" Not for long, at least for Sony. It may very well be that the last place you are going to use a floppy disk is when you want to save something in the cloud. 

So let's help Google Docs (and Microsoft Word, because it, too, uses a floppy disk as an icon for saving) move out of the 1990s. What should the save icon be for the epoch of cloud computing? What image can say, "Save" without saying, "Archaic?" If you're really inspired, upload your design and leave the link in the comments section.

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