Facebook Facing More Privacy Blowback : All Tech Considered Facebook is facing more criticism for its sometimes convoluted privacy settings.

Facebook Facing More Privacy Blowback

This graph representing who can see your personal information from Facebook is part of a time-lapse graphic by Matt McKeon on a blog post called The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook. Matt McKeon/MattMcKeon.com hide caption

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Matt McKeon/MattMcKeon.com

Facebook Facing More Privacy Blowback

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Facebook is in the news this week as the social networking company faces criticism from privacy advocates, members of Congress and some of its users over how much personal information the company shares with other companies and the rest of the Web.

In this week's All Tech Considered, we discuss the company, which has more than 400 million users and is the dominant U.S.-based social network.

Some info relevant to the segment: