The Man-Machine Future Is Just Over The Horizon : All Tech Considered Is a merger of man and machine in the cards for the human race? Some very smart people think so and they are working toward that goal right now.
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The Man-Machine Future Is Just Over The Horizon

The cover story on Sunday's New York Times Business section (yes, I did actually buy and read the physical paper, and I enjoyed it!) was all about the pursuit of the Singularity by a relatively small group of well-heeled technology luminaries.

What, you may ask, is the Singularity? Well, it's the idea that men and machines will merge in the future, taking the next logical stage in evolution.

It's science fiction come to life. And there are people working toward it right now. Their goal? The article suggests they want control over life and death:

Mr. Orlowski, the journalist, sees the Singularity as a grand, tech-nerd dream in which engineers, inventors and innovators of every stripe create the greatest of all reset buttons. He says the techies “seem to want a deus ex machina to make everything right again.”

They certainly don’t want any outside interference, and are utterly confident that they will realize the Singularity on their own terms and with their own wits — all of which fits with Silicon Valley’s strong libertarian traditions.

There are many hurdles standing between man and a future where he becomes something else allthogether. But many people believe we're closer than most people realize. Read the article and see what you think.