Twelve New Ways To Hold Your iPhone 4 : All Tech Considered The new iPhone seems to have a few problems with dropped calls. Well, fear not: we're here to help you keep those dropped calls on that shiny new iPhone to a minimum.

Twelve New Ways To Hold Your iPhone 4

So, you were one of the lucky 1.7 million who got an iPhone 4 in the first days after it went on sale. Lucky! But perhaps you didn’t feel so lucky when you found out that simply holding the phone could cause interference with phone calls, or at least affect the signal bars on your screen. Suddenly, everything you thought you knew about how to hold a cell phone was in doubt.

But fear not! In this set of photos by David T. Cole, who also happens to be a tech-gear model, we’ll show you 12 ways to hold your iPhone 4, avoiding the antenna no-hand’s-land and without the expense of a pricey case. (Take THAT, Steve Jobs!)