Unhappy iTunes 10 Users Fix The Interface Themselves : All Tech Considered Designers and Apple fans alike are finding ways to tweak design changes in Apple's new iTunes 10 software or to simply turn the clock back on designs from previous versions.
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Unhappy iTunes 10 Users Fix The Interface Themselves

An iTunes 10 alternative icon from designer Chris Carlozzi, posted at Dribbble.com. Chris Carlozzi hide caption

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Chris Carlozzi

It's hard to argue with Apple's hardware design choices (well, most of them), but when it comes to design tweaks in applications, hardcore Mac users are always ready to torch the village and improve upon Apple's work themselves.

When Steve Jobs debuted new iPods and a music social network called Ping on Wednesday, he also revealed a new version of iTunes 10, one which ditches the familiar old CD-and-music-note icon that's been used since iTunes was released in 2001.

An alternative iTunes 10 icon from interface designer Ryan James at ryanjames.com/itunes Ryan James hide caption

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Ryan James

Not everyone is a fan of the new blue icon and already many designers have posted their own tweaks on the icon, borrowing from other Apple products (like iTunes for iOS) or their own imagination. Ryan JamesChris Carlozzi and "Angela" at ToffeeNut Design are just a few of the designers who took a track at the iTunes 10 icon.

Meanwhile, tech blogs have been offering advice on how to revert back to the iTunes 9.x icon, how to bring color back to the icons on the left pane of the application and how to un-fix other unwelcome improvements to iTunes.