From Our Flickr Pool:  Cup 'O Robots : All Tech Considered Coffee and sugar are not the only things we borrow from our neighbors these days.
NPR logo From Our Flickr Pool:  Cup 'O Robots

From Our Flickr Pool:  Cup 'O Robots

This photo from the All Tech Flickr pool poses an interesting question. striatic/via Flickr hide caption

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striatic/via Flickr

The first thing I thought of when I saw this image from the All Tech Flickr pool was the way technology has changed — even broadened — the way we interact with one another.

This illustration was submitted by striatic, who designed it for a slogan his friend misuba created.

"It's just one of those silly things that pops into my head from time to time," Misuba told me via e-mail.

The image made me ponder. Instead of going next door to borrow a cup of coffee, or even the proverbial cup of sugar, are we more likely to ask to borrow technology?

It turns out my thoughts on the "Cup 'O' Robots" slogan is close to how this illustration came about.

Misuba had a friend who was running a processing program and needed more computing power. The friend asked if he could borrow Misuba's PC while Misuba was at work.

“He had essentially asked me if he could borrow a cup of robots,” Misuba said.

My conclusion: We need coffee to get us going in the morning just as much as many of us need technology to get our day started.  With this photo, Striatic and Misuba have fused two necessities of modern life.

Now, whether our constant need for technology is why we need so much coffee is a question for another day.