iPhone To Verizon, And Other Great, American Mythologies : All Tech Considered The rumor that the iPhone is coming to Verizon has become almost as common as sightings of Elvis, or, well, Bigfoot.
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iPhone To Verizon, And Other Great, American Mythologies

Is that Bigfoot? And is that a Verizon iPhone in his hand? (No silly. It's actually a sculpture by Cameron Gainer. Part of the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens.) limonada/via Flickr hide caption

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limonada/via Flickr

The Wall Street Journal managed to get the rumor mill started again. On their website yesterday and in the print edition today, the paper reported on what is perhaps the longest running tech rumor: Verizon is getting the iPhone by the end of year.

It sent those with their minds trained on Verizon, yet their hearts set on the iPhone, into a tizzy. It would -- the paper reported, citing unnamed sources -- be a version similar to the iPhone 4, except it would run on Verizon's robust CDMA network.

But this report could have easily been replaced with a 2008 missive from 9to5 Mac, in which, citing a "tipster," they predicted Apple would announce a Verizon-compatible iPhone by Macworld 2009.

That didn't happen.

But like sightings of Elvis -- or Bigfoot, or whatever -- the same report just kept on coming and no news outlet was immune: MacWorld, CNN, WiredBusinessweek and the Wall Street Journal all played the same game in 2009. The Journal's Therese Poletti batted down those rumors, saying don't expect an iPhone on Verizon until 2010.

Some even tried reading tea leaves in Verizon's television ads.

Now here we are, it's Fall of 2010. Nothing to report. Nothing to see. Then again, I heard -- maybe from a really big, hairy dude in Appalachia -- that Verizon was shopping for a bulk shipment of branded iPhone bumpers.