Trick Or Treat:  Halloween Is Calling You : All Tech Considered Download a spooky ringtone on your cell phone this Halloween and satisfy your inner ghoul.
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Trick Or Treat:  Halloween Is Calling You

Did you decorate your house this year for Halloween?  What about your cell phone?

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I know people like to personalize their cell phone rings with downloads from their favorite music artists or with a funny message that calls out "Don't answer the phone" when their mother-in-law calls.

I also know there are holiday ringtones for the Christmas season.  But I was surprised to learn that Halloween ringtones existed.

I came across a list of iTunes Halloween ringtones.  "Evil Munchkins," "Grandmother's Piano," and "Zombie" are a few of the 40 titles that I noticed right away.

Intrigued, I then checked Verizon's Halloween ringtone library, and chuckled at some of the titles of the 54 ringtones they offer.

I expected titles such as "Tortured Screams" or "Werewolf Night Howling," but found it amusing to see titles such as "Monster Flesh Feast" and "Space Alligators."

Then again, I should know to expect the unexpected on Halloween, right?

Do you say "boo" to Halloween ringtones?  Let us know in the comment section.