Surprising Mariachi Sightings : Alt.Latino A new series on mariachi in all of its glory, from the cantinas of Mexico to Lady Gaga. Seriously, Lady Gaga.
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Surprising Mariachi Sightings

"Can we play a song for you while you dine?" A few of the 549 Mariachis who performed to break the Guinness World Record of The Number of Mariachis Playing At The Same Time on August 30, 2009 in Guadalajara, Mexico. IVAN GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Who knew a bunch guys in Mexican cowboy outfits would become part of a hip trend?

This post kicks off an occasional series of brief posts we're calling Found Mariachi in which we share unlikely mariachi sightings.

We kick things off with Lady Gaga.

No, seriously — Lady Gaga!


And because we recognize that one occurrence does not make a trend, but three do, here are two more:

Our show this week features the Korean hip hop group Clover getting their mariachi groove on.


Back in February I wrote about Metalachi, a heavy metal mariachi band from Los Angeles.


So there you go: an official trend. You read it here first, vato!

Gente, send us your own unusual mariachi sightings.

Viva el mariachi!


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Y Ahora Les Presentamos: Mariachi Inesperado

Atención: A partir de hoy comienza una serie ocasional llamada "Mariachi Inesperado", en la cual compartiremos canciones conocidas que inesperadamente son hechas en versión mariachi.

Empezamos nuestra serie con Lady Gaga. Si, oyeron bien- Lady Gaga.


Y por si eso no les basta, esta semana hablamos sobre el grupo de rap koreano llamado Clover, que en su nueva canción "La Vida Loca" usa el estilo mariachi.


Y no se olviden que en Febrero les contamos sobre Metalachi, una banda mariachi heavy metal de Los Ángeles.


OK vatos, aquí lo tienen, su primera dosis de Mariachi Inesperado.

¡Viva el mariachi!