La Santa Cecilia Shares 'Amar Y Vivir' From Forthcoming Visual Album : Alt.Latino The Southern California band's interpretation of the timeless bolero comes from an upcoming project that documents its return-to-roots trip to Mexico.



La Santa Cecilia Shares 'Amar Y Vivir' From Forthcoming Visual Album

The Grammy-winning Mexican-American roots band La Santa Cecilia journeys into the heart of Mexico for what might be its greatest adventure yet: recording a gorgeous new visual album, Amar Y Vivir. Ditching the studio to record at 12 different locations in and around Mexico City, the band captures the spirit of the music in its natural habitat. Its members pay tribute to Mexican culture with the traditional sounds of boleros and rancheras, while subtly blending their American influences into the songs.

In the album's title track, vocalist La Marisoul puts listeners into a romantic trance with her slow-tempo interpretation of a timeless bolero. While it has been covered by many Latin artists, she makes this love song her own with her deep, alto voice and certain personal touches, like the hint of a raspy growl at the end of the first stanza and a bluesy finish.

But the real emotional impact of this version of "Amar Y Vivir" comes from a perfect marriage between La Marisoul's voice and passionate classical-guitar leads and accents, all laid over atmospheric electric guitar supplied by the Mexican rock band Comisario Pantera. The congas and upright bass highlight the traditional bolero rhythm.

Both the music and the visuals are stunning, and we can't wait to hear — no, make that see — the rest of the visual album when it's released on May 12.