La Dame Blanche: Hip-Hop Urbano Cubano : Alt.Latino This special Spanish language Podcast Extra highlights a Cuban hip-hop artist in her own words.

La Dame Blanche: Hip-Hop Urbano Cubano

Escuchen A La Programa

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Pepe Escarpita/Courtesy of the Artist
La Dame Blacnhe
Pepe Escarpita/Courtesy of the Artist

It's bee a while since Alt.Latino has published an all Spanish podcast and we were way overdue. And what an artist to start with: La Dame Blanche is a cigar-smoking, classically trained flutist who is making a name for herself as a rapera in the ever expanding and fascinating world of Cuban hip-hop.

La Dame Blanche is a product of Cuba's renowned music academies and in this episode, she explains how she made that transition to include hip-hop in her narration and what it takes to be a triple threat on flute, vocals and Afro Cuban percussion.

She also offers a beat by beat breakdown of how she mixed in vocal references to flamenco into the album's title track "Bajo El Mismo Cielo." In fact, her walk through of half a dozen of songs from newest album are insightful and helpful to understand how Cuban music is evolving in the hands, and voices, of a new generation of Cuban talent.

So dust off your Spanish lesson books or simply enjoy your native language in this special extra edition of Alt.Latino.