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Vermont Democratic gubernatorial nominee Christine Hallquist embraces a supporter. Hallquist became the first openly transgender person to win a major party nomination for governor. Charles Krupa/AP hide caption

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Charles Krupa/AP

President Trump has been pushing back on the notion of a "blue wave," and embracing the idea of a "red wave." But the adaptation of "red" is a popular culture shift from the Cold War. Renee Klahr/NPR hide caption

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Renee Klahr/NPR

Sen. Rand Paul, center, and his communications director Sergio Gor, right, enter a hall during their meeting with Russian lawmakers in Moscow Monday. Pavel Golovkin/AP hide caption

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Pavel Golovkin/AP

Rand Paul Goes To Russia And Delivers Letter For Trump, Marking Our Era Of Irony

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President Trump believes his emphasis on immigration is critical to rallying his voters this fall, and he may be right. They may care more about the promise of a wall than they have about his promise that Mexico would pay for it. Win McNamee/Getty Images hide caption

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Win McNamee/Getty Images