Meet The Mom: Lucy Peck : The Baby Project First-time mom Lucy Peck is planning on having a drug-free birth with a doula. She's participating in NPR's Baby Project, which will track nine expectant moms through birth.
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Meet The Mom: Lucy Peck

Courtesy of Lucy Peck
Lucy Peck.
Courtesy of Lucy Peck

I have lived in Logan, Utah, home of the Utah State Aggies, since the fall of 2006. Currently, I am an office manager at a local real estate office, but I'm also working on becoming a certified American Sign Language interpreter by the end of the year. So work, school and baby keep me busy!

This is my first pregnancy, and it has been a breeze. I was sick in the first trimester, but I never threw up, I just didn't eat much. My official due date is July 31, which was changed from an initial date of Aug. 7. I apparently lost track of important dates there at the beginning, but I'm still not putting much on the July 31 due date. I fully expect to have this baby in August.

I'm 27, which in my area can be considered old for finally starting a family. But I don't regret waiting until now. Waiting gave me three great years with just my husband. Aaron is a movie critic and reviews films and Blu-rays for our local paper and websites. We are huge Disney fans and have a Shih Tzu named Ponyo. I'm interested in seeing how she adjusts to a new member of the family drawing the attention away from her.

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Courtesy of Lucy Peck

Lucy and Aaron Peck with their dog Ponyo

Courtesy of Lucy Peck

We are getting excited to meet our little one in a month and a half, but we weren't always excited. Even though we planned to get pregnant, it was still a scary moment when we realized it had actually happened. Thank goodness for nine months of mental preparation! Now we are anticipating all the great moments of parenting, first words, first steps, first tantrum ...

I'm planning a medication-free birth, though I am open to the possibility of drugs at certain points. I realize with today's modern medicine, there is no need to feel the pain of giving birth. But I feel like it's an experience not everyone gets to go through, and I'd like to know what it's like. I've been preparing for months now — reading books, talking to other moms, practicing pain-coping techniques — and I'm feeling pretty good about it all. I like to think I have a high threshold for pain. Guess I'll find out, won't I?

Courtesy of Lucy Peck
Lucy Peck
Courtesy of Lucy Peck

Since I'm planning a drug-free birth, I've been trying to get a support group around me of people I want there as I labor. My husband is first on the list, along with my sister, whom I have asked to act as a doula for us; then my mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and aunt. All of these women are invited to attend, but with the understanding that if they are asked to leave the room, they have to leave. I feel like I will want the support during the hardest parts of labor, but when it comes time to actually push and finally meet our son, I think I may want it to just be me and Aaron in the room. I don't know! So I'm trying to cover all my bases.