Share Your Baby Blanket Photos : The Baby Project As part of our series "Beginnings" NPR is collecting photos of babies wrapped in the standard pink and blue striped receiving blanket distributed by hospitals across the country.
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Share Your Baby Blanket Photos

A photo of a newborn in the hospital with the standard pink-and-blue striped receiving blanket.

For our series Beginnings, we're working on a story about a blanket many of you will be familiar with. It's a white flannel blanket, with pink and blue stripes. It's the standard receiving blanket in many hospitals across the country.

As part of our project, we're collecting photos – like the one here – of babies swaddled in this specific blanket.

If you'd like to be part of our project, please submit a photo of your baby in this striped blanket at the link here, and follow the upload instructions.

Andrea Hsu is a producer for All Things Considered.