Rules for Getting Your Comment Posted : The Bryant Park Project We've come up with a few simple rules for comments. Violate them and you will suffer (the shame of having your comments blocked, probably).
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Rules for Getting Your Comment Posted

We've come up with a few simple rules for comments. Violate them and you will suffer (the shame of having your comments blocked, probably).

Keep it polite. Of course folks will disagree, but try to focus on the issues and not your opponent's corny screen name, or their love for The Dave Matthews Band. For example: "Luke is so so wrong about The Seahawks winning the Superbowl" is fine. "Luke is an idiot and has no value as a human being because he thinks the Seahawks will win the Superbowl" is less fine. Also, don't threaten people or post racist / sexist / mean stuff.

No obscenities. You can curse at your computer screen, just not on it, when you're posting comments to our site.

Don't rip stuff off and post it as your own fascinating work. Seriously, can you think of anything sadder? Quoting is fine as long as you give credit.

Spam not welcome here. Feel like dropping a nonsense comment into every item we've got? Reconsider.

Focus Daniel-san. In other words, stay on topic. When folks are engaged in serious discussion about the merits of The Wire versus Battlestar Galactica, they don't need you posting some Nigerian email scam in the same thread.

Rambling makes us bored.

Don't post a freaking novel.

Haikus are fun, yeah?

For a good time call ... Please don't post anyone's e-mail addresses or phone numbers in the public areas of the forum. People don't appreciate it.

To put a word in our ear. On the other hand, if you have something private to say, please don't confuse everyone else by adding it to the blog. Use our handy contact form, which you can find in the right column of the blog.

No solicitors, no recruiting. There's a fine line between talking about a cool gadget you discovered or a mystical moment you had or a candidate you met versus full-on shilling for a product, religion or political party. We're not sure exactly where that fine line is, but we'll know it when we see it. So do us all a favor and don't turn this forum into a recruiting tool for your pyramid scheme or miracle cure. We Will, We Will, Block You.

Rumors and conspiracy theories are not really our thing. If you want to offer unsubstantiated allegations about the current administration or suspicions that your 11th grade shop teacher and the Freemasons are in cahoots, e-mail them to us privately. We'll see if there's any merit to your theories before we besmirch the good name of Mr. Wilburne.

But wait, there's more. If you'd like to read this stuff again but in excruciating detail, courtesy of our lawyers, please visit the Terms of Use page.