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Seeing Octoviginuple: Pilot #28 is Here

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Seeing Quintuple: Senator Hillary Clinton appeared on all five Sunday talk shows yesterday, including Meet the Press, as seen above. Alex Wong/Getty Images hide caption

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Radio shows grow up so fast these days. It seems like one day you're doing five minute segments and the next day, a two hour show is the norm. And that next day is today.

Before we get into today's show, we want to welcome the BPP's new Web Producer, Laura Conaway. (She taught me how to make that cool gray line up there below the photo caption.) She'll be contributing blog posts very soon, which will free me up a bit to man the BPP distillery, where we refine your world into single malt news. Anywho, today's show goes a little something like this...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York. (In case you still haven't settled that bet you made with your friend at the bar Saturday night, it's pronounced "ah-mah-DEEN-eh-jahd." I called someone in Tehran yesterday to make sure.) As you probably know by now, the man's visit is causing quite a stir. Today we'll talk to NPR's own Robert Smith, who's on his way to the Columbia campus to cover protests there, and we'll get the bigger picture with USA Today's Barbara Slavin, author of a forthcoming book on Iran. She was the first US newspaper reporter to interview Ahmadinejad and has some interesting insights on him.

Hillary Clinton appeared on all five Sunday talk shows yesterday. We'll distill her 90-plus minutes of face time into three minutes of highlights. You'll laugh. She did.