Celebrity Birthdays: Sputnik, the 'Beaver' : The Bryant Park Project Jerry Mathers -- aka the 'Beaver' -- talks about sharing a launch date with Sputnik.

Celebrity Birthdays: Sputnik, the 'Beaver'

Listen: The Jerry Mathers interview

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Up like a rocket: The Cleaver family R. Gates/Getty Images hide caption

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Fifty years ago today, while the Soviets were busy with that Sputnik satellite thing, America was launching "Leave It to Beaver." Sputnik went up and came down, but the Beaver is still going strong.

Since his time as a child star, Mathers has served in the Air National Guard, worked as a real estate developer, and most recently took a spin through the Broadway musical Hairspray.

Mathers talked to Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank about sharing a launch date with the first man-made object in space, and about the many years after.

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