UPDATED: Dallas Saggy Pants Song: Homophobic? : The Bryant Park Project Open thread: Is the Dallas saggy pants song homophobic?

UPDATED: Dallas Saggy Pants Song: Homophobic?

Interview: Dooney Da' Priest explains that in jail, showing your boxers is a way of signaling sexual availability to other men.

No sooner had we blogged a Morning Edition piece about a push to stop kids in Dallas from wearing saggy pants than BPP listeners snagged on a lyric in the campaign's signature song, "Pull Your Pants Up," by Dooney Da' Priest.

Listener Andrew Jones transcribed it this way: "You walk the streets with your pants way down low/ I don't know/ looks to me you on the down low."

The "down low" is slang for keeping something secret -- perhaps most commonly same-sex encounters.

Jones commented:

It's cute when homophobia is part of a citywide campaign. Shaming the youth by calling them gay, love that from the government.

We're working on an audio segment about this, and we welcome, encourage and otherwise beg you to take this up in the comments. Check out the audio link and tell us, is "Pull Your Pants" up homophobic? Is it just another case of prison culture exported to the streets? A little of both?

UPDATE: Dooney Da' Priest talks to the BPP.