Minneapolis Squirms Over Zapata Statue : The Bryant Park Project Minneapolis squirms over a statue of Zapata.

Minneapolis Squirms Over Zapata Statue

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune comes the story of a sculpture without a home. A Mexican governor gave the city a statue of Emiliano Zapata, a hero of that nation's 1910 revolution. The public art turned out to be hard to situate, initially because of rules such as one that it be "vandal resistant."

Then came the question of Zapata's combat gear appearing in a contested park.

"We've had Latino gang wars in the park this summer, and a statue with a rifle at its side doesn't seem right," said Leigh Combs. "How do we explain to the kids, 'This person is a hero. And yes, he has a gun and bullets.'"

For now, Zapata's likeness stands near the entrance to the Los Gallos money transfer store. We'll aim to add to the story on tomorrow's BPP broadcast.