BSG Blows Producer's Frakkin' Mind : The Bryant Park Project Battlestar Galactica blows producer's frakkin' mind.
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BSG Blows Producer's Frakkin' Mind

It's been eight long months since Battlestar Galactica (BSG) fans had anything new to play with.

That all changed this weekend.

On Saturday, the SciFi Channel debuted Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a made for TV movie that follows the disturbing side-story of the Battlestar Pegasus.

I am a huge BSG fan, so I've been flipping out about the movie all weekend. In fact, I was so totally geeked out by it that Alison said, "Why don't we talk about it on the show tomorrow."

And I said, "Okay." Because I do whatever Alison tells me to do. (Also because I'm totally geeked out by it.)

So we called up one of the executive producers of the show, David Eick, to talk about why they decided to make this movie (which is hard to follow if you're not a BSG fan) and to talk a little about his new show, Bionic Woman.

We'll air the interview on tomorrow's show, and he'll reveal who the last cylon is!

Okay, no he won't. But it's still a good interview.

If you've never seen BSG, you'll need a primer. So here's what you need to know ahead of tomorrow's interview: Humans created robots called 'cylons' to do their dirty work. Cylons turned on humans, they go to war with each other. An armistice is reached. Cylons leave to someplace far away. Humans set up a space station for diplomatic relations, but don't hear from them for 40 years. Then, one day, they make contact. They've evolved to look just like humans and they damn near wipe out all of humanity in a nuclear genocide. This fan-made video recap picks up as the destruction begins: