'Porn Star'? : The Bryant Park Project Rethinking the Emily Sander/Zoe Zane "porn star" meme.
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'Porn Star'?

Police now say they've found the body of Emily Sander, an 18-year-old Kansas woman who'd been missing for a week. The story has been all over TV and the Internets this week because Sander had (somewhat) secretly been posing nude online under the name Zoey Zane.

It's obviously a very sad story for this girl and her family, made more sad (I think) by the repeated use of the term "porn star" in reference to Sander.

A brief check on the Web:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Friends: Missing Kansas Student Led Double Life as Porn Star

FOX News -- Turns out that Emily Sander of Kansas led a double life as a porn star, now she may have lost her life.

ABC News: Porn Star Revelation Clouds Missing Teen Case

Gay Wired: Family Says Body of Emily Sanders aka Porn Star Zoey Zane

Jawa Report: "Porn Star" Zoey Zane Jawa Report

Yes, Sander did pose naked for some online photos, but does that make her a "porn star"? I would say no. Jenna Jameson is a porn star, Ron Jeremy is (regrettably) a porn Sstar. To me, porn star means someone who has sex with other people on video or film. Video or film that is then sold to people. Not some college kid who took some naked photos for a sleazy site to make some money. What say you, BPP readers?

Oh, and please don't make this smutty -- my bosses are probably already squeamish enough about this post.