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The Best Song in the World Today!

On to something new for BPP listeners — though long time blog readers may have already read this feature. Today was the first day we tried it on the radio.

When the Bryant Park Project was in its infancy we had an idea to present what we called, "The Best Song In The World Today." The premise: We play a song that we consider the best song in the world today, chosen simply because we had a radio show and we loved a song.

We still like the notion of "Best Song In The World," but it's one of the ideas that fell by the wayside as we were building the show. So, today, we return to that original idea and try to build upon it.

We're opening up "Best Song In The World Today" to everyone. You can use any reasoning you want to justify making your song the best song in the world, but you MUST justify it. The song could be 20, 30, or 40 years old, or it could have been released yesterday — but you have to give us a reason other than "it's a really cool song." That said, if it's a really cool song, we might just play it any way.

I'll start: My best song in the world today? Roxy Music's "Love Is The Drug."

A little background on why I picked a 32-year-old song for the "Best Song." When I was a kid growing up in Arizona, I used to run a radio station out of the bedroom I shared with my sister. The station could be heard by me, my sister and, if I was lucky — depending on how loud I turned up my cassette player — in the hallway outside of my room. The format was eclectic — a mix of my mother's Sister Sledge and Whisper's albums as well as K-Tel records my parents used to buy me — lots of Kajagoogoo and Rufus & Chaka. Seventies art rock wasn't on my playlist — and to a 10 year old's ear, most of Roxy Music's catalogue was pretty much unlistenable. But for some reason — this song, "Love Is the Drug," crept in to heavy rotation.

So, I'm listening to a podcast from the BBC the other day and I hear a remake of this song. It's a BBC Radio One recording. The station is celebrating 40 years on the air and they got 40 artists to remake some of the most popular songs of the past 40 years. One of those 40? "Love Is The Drug." When I heard this, it totally transported me to my bedroom in 1985 and I immediately put it back into heavy rotation — this time on my iPod. Here it is, remade by Kylie Minogue and Producer Calvin Harris, it's as delicious and campy as the original.

"Love Is the Drug." A hit in 1975. A hit on my zero watt radio station in 1985. And the best song in the world, your turn. Post below, or email us bryantpark at npr dot org.