Torturous: Don't Waterboard Me, Bro : The Bryant Park Project Video: Reporter undergoes waterboarding.

Torturous: Don't Waterboard Me, Bro

Back when President Bush nominated Mike Mukasey as the next U.S. attorney general, it looked like the former district judge would sail through the Senate confirmation process. A few weeks and a few dodged questions about what exactly constitutes torture later, things are getting a bit sticky.

At issue is whether the process of waterboarding, which you probably think you've heard more than enough about. But have you seen it happen? I hadn't, until I clicked on this kind of amazing video piece by Kaj Larson of Current TV. (Bonus: Larson talks about why he did it.)

I don't know if waterboarding is officially torture or not, but I can say that I sure as hell wouldn't want it done on me.