Battles Gives the BPP an Inside Look at 'Tonto' : The Bryant Park Project Battles gives BPP audience an inside look at their video, Tonto

Battles Gives the BPP an Inside Look at 'Tonto'

British collective United Visual Artists have been stunning critics and audiences for years with their cutting-edge approach to art installation, architecture and performance. So it's no surprise that when the time came for the math-rock phenomenon Battles to create the video for their song "Tonto," UVA came to mind.

For the video, UVA created a unique LED installation in an abandoned Welsh slate mine. They synchronized the lights with the band's various instruments, programming them to glow with each note against the black rocks of the mine. Battles set up their instruments at sundown, and performed for 11 hours through the night.The result is one of the most stunning videos of the year.

The band was nice enough to watch it with us.

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