Des Moines Register Backs McCain, Clinton : The Bryant Park Project Big endorsements: Des Moines Register backs McCain, Clinton.
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Des Moines Register Backs McCain, Clinton

John McCain and Hillary Clinton sit next to each other at the opening of the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio in January. Ben Sklar/Getty Images hide caption

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The Des Moines Register has issued its endorsements for the 2008 Iowa caucuses, slated for Jan. 3. On our show today, executive editor Carolyn Washburn talked about the process of making a pick.

In the Republican field, the nod goes to John McCain.

In the Democratic race, the paper goes for Hillary Clinton.

The Register describes Sen. McCain as a hero:

McCain would enter the White House with deep knowledge of national-security and foreign-policy issues. He knows war, something we believe would make him reluctant to start one. He's also a fierce defender of civil liberties. As a survivor of torture, he has stood resolutely against it. He pledges to start rebuilding America's image abroad by closing the Guantanamo prison and beginning judicial proceedings for detainees.

The Register says Sen. Clinton is ready for the job:

In the Senate, she has earned a reputation as a workhorse who does not seek the limelight. She honed knowledge of defense on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She has proactively served rural and urban New York and worked in the national interest, strengthening the Children's Health Insurance Program. Clinton is tough. Tested by rough politics and personal trials, she's demonstrated strength, resolve and resilience.