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More Marnie Stern

Yesterday on the show, we had a Best Song in the World Today segment from Will Gerhardt, a BPP listener and Marnie Stern fan. "Every Single Line Means Something" is a great song, the big hook on her record In Advance of the Broken Arm and a good sample of Stern's monster guitar chops. But it's not the Marnie Stern song I listened to most this year.

That honor goes to "Absorb the Lip Gloss," which is really only half a Marne Stern song. It's a mashup (yes I know, they're soooo over) of Stern's "Absorb Those Numbers" and "Lip Gloss" by teen phenom Lil Mama. The remix comes courtesy of The Hood Internet, a site that's been the source of much amusement to me since my friend Mark obsessively played their first mixtape while driving around DC this summer.

You'll only barely hear Stern's voice on this track, but those guitar skills are evident, even chopped up.