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MySpace Mom's Lawyer Checks In

Lori Drew is off the hook with prosecutors for her part in creating a fake MySpace persona to woo and then turn on Megan Meier -- but the social consequences for Drew (and her family) continue to roll in.

Meier, 13, killed herself in October 2006 after the fictitious "Josh Evans" told her the world would be better off without her. This month, St. Charles County, Missouri, prosecutors announced they'd looked at the case and decided no crime had been committed. Federal prosecutors have likewise decided not to press charges.

Even so, Drew's lawyer says the fallout continues.

Jim Briscoe, Drew's lawyer, checked in yesterday. We'd reached out to him days back, when we did an online segment about a blogger who said he believes it's important to name Lori Drew.

Unlike some people blogging the story, Danny Vice (an alias) stepped back from publishing the family's home address and phone numbers. Vice concentrated instead on cataloging laws he thought prosecutors could use against Drew. He did publish details about the family business, arguing that people should have enough information to choose whether to patronize Drew's Drew Advantage.

Briscoe says his client has in fact shuttered Drew Advantage. "She had to close her business," he says. "She dealt with advertising, and nobody wanted to advertise with her."

Briscoe says he has asked Web hosts to take down blogs that purport to be written by Lori Drew, some of which suggest that Megan Meier deserved what happened to her. "Absolutely, positively, they have nothing to do with that," he says.

And he says it seems likely the Drew family will move after the holidays. Meier lived in the same neighborhood, and vandals have attacked the Drews' home. "If I had to hazard a guess, I would imagine they're looking," Briscoe says.

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