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NPR's Pet Bat: AWOL — or Worse?

I'm sorry to report that the little silver-haired bat tucked into a wall in Washington, D.C., has gone missing. Right now, it's a mystery, with people leaning toward one of these two explanations:

1). The bat fled very strong winds (gusts of more than 40 mph) and freezing temperatures that hit D.C. this weekend.

2). Somebody lame did something bad, which resulted in the bat being hurt or forced to leave.

I prefer to think it was the weather, or simply time for a bat-change. But will try to find out if the building staff knows anything.

It's also possible that, with people calling the little critter Luke Burbat, it chose to move on Friday, in a simpatico moment with our own Luke Burbank.

Ed. note: We announced the results of our bat-naming contest on the show today.