The Fight for the New/Old New Orleans : The Bryant Park Project The fight for the new/old New Orleans.

The Fight for the New/Old New Orleans

Ten Months Post-Katrina from Editor B on Vimeo.

New Orleans is moving to tear down a bunch of its old public housing. The New York Times says that's an architectural shame. Activists in New Orleans say it's worth fighting over.

And this guy, Bart Everson, a guy determined to stay in the city, has this to say:

Some people want to tear all the public housing developments down to build mixed income developments, and some people think that's a nefarious plan for "ethnic cleansing." Emotions run high around this issue. Shrill rhetoric abounds, and civil discourse is in tragically short supply.

That's a Bart Everson video project up top. Day in, day out, Everson's blog provides one of the best keyholes into the Katrina recovery.